Rules and Disciplines
Every Teacher Trainee should:

  • Make the habit to see the notice board daily.
  • Be regular and punctual to classes.
  • Practice and promote integrity, sincerity and self discipline in daily life.
  • Promote dignity of labour and help in keeping the college premises neat and clean.
  • Use his/her time fruitfully and in a planned way and go to library during vacant period.
  • Use college property with care.

Every Teacher Trainee should Not

  • Put up or remove notice board without permission of the principal.
  • Organize /hold meeting or programmes or collect money within college premises without permission of the principal.
  • Meet visitors during college hours without permission. Gossip in the hall or litter in college laws in not allowed.
  • Take leave unless absolute necessity, in case of emergency leave must be submitted immediately after joining.

Rules Related to Fee, Fine & Penalties:

  1. Every student must pay the dues on the date notified from time to time.
  2. Failure to pay dues on due date will entail a fine of Rs. 50/- per day.
  3. In case of non payment of dues for long time, the name will be struck off the college roll. Rs. 100/- shall be charged from absentee for one class/practical without written information to the Principal.
  4. Rs. 200/- per paper will be entailed from absentee of house test.
    Fine for not retiring library book on due date at the rate of five rupees for first three days beyond which double of the standing amount will be chargeable per day.
  5. The name of student shall be struck off the college if he/she remains absent without leave for 10 days or more.
  6. First re-admission fee is Rs. 100/- and second one is Rs. 200/-
  7. Every student has to attend at least 80% of B.Ed & 90% of D.El.Ed course  percent of theory classes and 100 percent of practical classes.

Rules Related to Leave:

  1. Leave for the absence from the college shall be applied for and obtained in advance except in emergency in that case the leave application may be sent within two days of student's return to the college.
  2. Leave on account of sickness must be accompanied by certificate of Registered Medical Practitioner.
  3. If the student remains absent for more than 10 consecutive days without leave then the principal reserves the right to strike off the name of student from the college roll or can impose penalty.
  4. The tutor can provide two days leave but for a longer period leave application must be approved by the principal.


  1. Being a prospective teacher follow the principles of self-discipline, respect yourself respect fellow being & the college staff
  2. Keep aloof from active politics in the college campus.
  3. The students shall give in writing an undertaking to follow all rules & regulation of the college, at the time of admission .
  4. Any act of ragging in the campus or in or around the hostel will be severely dealt with and the Principal of the college shall expel the guilty students from the college (Ragging) includes any type of physical or mental torture done by any individual or group either directly or indirectly.)
  5. Every student should carry his/her identify card, issued to the students after admission. It should be shown/produced on demand by the authorities of the college.

Library Rules:
The students are required to follow the rules and regulations given below:

  • The student may draw any number of books for reading from the library during specified hours.
  • Each student is allowed to borrow 2 books at a time from the library.
  • Books borrowed maybe retained for 14 days including the day of issue.
  • The books borrowed must be returned on the due date otherwise a fine of rupees 5.00 will be charged for first three days beyond which double of the standing amount will be chargeable per day.
  • If a student fails to pay fine which is due to be paid, he/she will not be allowed further issue of books unless and until the fine is remitted.
  • A book, can however be reissued with the special permission of the librarian if it is not in demand.
  • Periodicals, directories, dictionaries and special reference books shall not be issued to any member for reading at home. These will be available for study in library only.
  • Any book issued to a member may be recalled in case it is urgently needed for any other reason.
  • Students are advised to keep perfect silence in the library.
  • If any student damages the book in any manner he/she will be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 100.
  • If a library book is lost from a student, than in that case the student will have to pay a fine rupees 100/-extra along with the cost of the book.

Hostel Rules

  • Student seeking admission to the hostel must apply in the prescribed form to the warden.
  • All rights of admission to the college are reserved with the principal.
  • Hostel accommodation is not transferable to any person.
  • In case of violation of this rule, the allotment shall be cancelled and disciplinary action will be taken against the allotted  as well as illegal occupant of the room. In case somebody is found living in any room without due allotment or staying with any other person without prior permission, the room will be got vacated and strict disciplinary action with recovery of rent and fine from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 500/- (as deemed fit) will be imposed against the defaulters.
  • Before leaving the hostel all dues. Charges of the hostel must be cleared and personally handover the charge of room and property to the hostel assistant warden/Warden.
  • No day scholar will be allowed to stay in hostel without prior permission of the principal.
  • Loud talking in the hostel is not allowed and complete silence should be observed.
  • Hosteller should not visit the hostel during college hours’
  • Residents are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and decorum at all times in the hostel.
  • They should not disturb other residents in any manner.
  • Keeping of stereo/two-in-one music system is strictly prohibited in the hostel. However, transistor played at low volume which does not cause disturbance to others will be permitted.
  • They should consider College/Hostel property i.e. buildings, electrical and sanitary fittings, furniture etc. as their own and should not try to damage them in any way, Residents will have the cost of the repair .
  • of the property damaged by them. They are particularly warned not to scribble anything on the walls and doors in the hostel.
  • Use of abusive language, tearing of pages from magazines, periodicals and newspaper. playing of card of any other act of breach act of breach of hostel discipline will be treated as violation of hostel rules and will invoke necessary punishment.
  • Gambling use of drinks and drugs, in any form within or outside the hostel, are strictly prohibited. Those violating this rule are liable to be expelled from the hostel and such laps will be liable to a fine of rs200/-
  • Women guest are not allowed to go to the rooms of boys hostels. They may meet only In the office of the Warden. Under no circumstances can they be allowed to stay in the hostel for night. Any violation of the above rule' will be severely dealt with including expulsion from the hostel.
  • Not permitted to keep emersion rods and room heaters in their room . Defaulter will be imposed a fine of Rs.500/- and the objects confiscated.
  • All resident will report for the routine roll call daily at 7:45PM. Any resident absenting herself without the prior permission of the warden will be find Rs.50/- per day and disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.



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